Asset Protection

Asset protection planning involves the implementation of strategies to protect wealth by placing assets beyond the reach of creditors.  To that extent, asset protection encompasses more than just protecting assets and actually works to preserve your wealth.

Business Immigration

Business immigration encompasses the areas of investor and employment visas. As such, our firm’s initial objective is to properly identify your goals and understand your needs in order to effectively design a plan that gleans success.

LLC and Limited Liability Law

Iacone Law, P.A. counsels businesses and business owners on the intricacies of LLC and limited liability law, with a special focus on reducing or eliminating personal liability through properly structured limited liability companies.

Foreign Judgements

Foreign judgments are judgments from different states or countries. In order to enforce your judgment in a state different from where it was rendered, you must first follow a statutory process of domestication.


The United States offers a wealth of planning opportunities for nonresidents. In fact, the United States is the premier offshore jurisdiction for nonresidents serious about protecting their wealth and remaining confidential in their affairs.

Questions? We’re here to help.


Questions? We’re here to help.