Event: Legal Structures for Small Businesses

This past week I had the pleasure of presenting on Legal Structures for Small Businesses for a Spanish speaking audience.  The event was organized by Prospera, a non-profit that provides bilingual assistance to hispanic entreprenuers trying to establish or expand their business, and hosted by Cambridge Innovation Center, a hip coworking facility with beautiful conference rooms.  Our conference room in particular had a nice view of the Miami skyline and was super comfortable.

In attendance we had current and future business owners.  I made it a point to emphasize that as entrepreneurs, learning how to protect what you earn, or will earn, including any contributions or investments into the company, must be taken into account at all stages of operation.  After all, the business is the operative word in small business owner, and protecting the former from liability will make operations much more stress free for the latter.  After laying down this foundation, I delved into the theory behind limited liability, touched briefly on the differences between the LLC and corporation, and concluded by showing actual examples of structures I have implemented for my clients, with a focus on the limited liability company.  Isolating risk and reducing liability by using the appropriate legal structures were themes of my presentation, among other things.

Here is the outline, translated into English:

  • Structures
  • Partnership
  • Business Entities
  • Limited Liability
  • LLC or Corporation?
  • Ownership
  • Operating Companies
  • Holding Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Tips

If you would like to see the Powerpoint presentation I used or learn more about what I talked about, please navigate over to my Spanish blog, Boletín Protección de Activos, or contact me by phone or e-mail.


Ronald C. Iacone Jr., Esq.

Ronald Iacone is the managing and founding partner of Iacone Law. He focuses his practice on asset protection representation, business and international law, and appeals to the interrelatedness of the three to best discuss your issue and solution.


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