Foreign Investment

The alarming pace of globalization has sparked a surge in foreign investment.  Notably, it has allowed developing countries to boost their economies through attractive investment opportunities.  Developed countries, such as the United States, already allure investors from all over the world.  However, finding the investment, be it real estate or commercial, or knowing you want to invest abroad, is the first step in the process.  Next, there are certain legal precautions and steps to take to ensure your investment is secure, compliant, and lasting.

Iacone Law, P.A. will:

  • handle formation of the investment vehicles used to carry out your business undertakings;
  • advise on matters of legal compliance; and
  • act as counsel to properly draft, review, and finalize your contracts.

International Endeavors

Investing abroad without any help can be confusing, difficult, and aggravating.  The language barriers, different legal systems, and each country’s cultural way of doing things will all have an effect on the success of your investment.  This is why it is imperative to understand the business and cultural inner workings of the country you will send money to.

Therefore, investing abroad should also be an investment in your attorney.  It is crucial that your attorney, acting as your foreign legal guide, have the wherewithal and experience necessary to efficiently navigate through a foreign country’s legal system.

Efficiency denotes competence, competence reflects understanding, and understanding is an indicator of knowledge.

However, knowing, in theory, about the nuances of a foreign legal system is not good enough.  What is required is practical, on-the-ground experience.  Iacone Law, P.A. will serve as your legal guide to your foreign investments.