Firm Overview

Core Virtues


Iacone Law, P.A. is a boutique law firm based in Florida focusing on matters related to asset protection representation, business, and international law.  Our small size allows us to offer responsive, personalized, and dedicated services while maintaining close and trusting relationships with clients.  At this firm, when you ask to speak with the attorney, the attorney is what you get.


Iacone Law, P.A. is strategically located in Miami, the Gateway to the Americas.  The world is flat, to quote Thomas Friedman, and remaining competitive, prosperous, and protected on the world economic platform is quintessential to success.  Iacone Law, P.A. will help you with your international interests and expectations.  As such, the firm prides itself on the following: actual on-the-ground experience with the legal, business, and cultural nuances of foreign countries.  Understanding the plethora of intricacies involved with going abroad can be daunting; let our bilingual, multicultural attorney navigate this road for you.


Laws change and countries evolve.  Current events, legislative action, and even country-to-country coercion can make one good thing today not so good tomorrow.  Iacone Law, P.A. stays abreast to the changes in law and circumstance that can impact the legal path we lay out for you.  Efficient research and valuable problem solving skills allow the firm, Iacone Law, P.A., to adapt to the ever-changing legal, economic, and business conditions both here and abroad.


We understand that every client is unique in needs and personality.  The firm will tailor its resources to meet such needs and make your experience with Iacone Law, P.A. both comfortable and untroubled; we are here for you.  You will always be kept informed, updated, and can expect nothing short of candor and honesty from the attorney.  Additionally, should issues arise that extend beyond the scope of this practice, the firm will reach out to its working relationships and find you an attorney who can help.


Iacone Law, P.A. will be your advocate, adviser, negotiator, and evaluator.  The firm and its attorney will zealously assert your position and always seek an advantageous result.  However, note that under no circumstances will the firm engage in any illicit behavior.  As an officer of the legal system, the attorney’s conduct will always conform to the requirements of the law as to preserve the integrity of the legal system.


Iacone Law, P.A. believes in client relationships.  The best relationships form when the client is kept in the loop and frequently updated with the happenings of their case.  Lasting relationships, however, must go beyond that.  Iacone Law, P.A. will educate the client and spark an understanding between their case, the law, and the interrelatedness of both.